Wonderlab Live

Exhibition Identity
Exhibition Design
Campaign Design

Client: National Science and Media Museum

Photography: Jody Hartley, courtesy of National Science and Media Museum

Wonderlab Live gives us the opportunity to think like a scientist, with live demonstrations and a chance to discover new adventures in the science of light and sound. 

The design is inspired by the museums ever-popular Wonderlab gallery, Wonderlab Live fuels the imagination and inspires visitors to see the world around them in new and exciting ways. 

The space was split into two zones, the first containing objects from the permanent collection and the second an area for self-led interactivity including light and sound experiments. At the heart of the space was a playful demonstration area, displaying safe and socially distant experiments and shows.

A big part of this exhibition was sustainability and we used PVC-free materials alongside cardboard to ensure everything could be recycled afterwards.

Colour is a big part of Wonderlab Live and we wanted to bring light into dark spaces, taking the concept of light and sound represent these elements with lines and colours that are recognisable but also fun to look at.

We wanted to encourage visitors of all ages to play, with three calls to action throughout the space: look, do and watch. We used strong colour and line art to relate to the concepts of sound and light without being too technical or ‘science’.