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Client: Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

Website: losthorizonfestival.com

Sundae Communications

Lost Horizon is the world’s largest music and arts festival in virtual reality created by the team behind Glastonbury’s legendary Shangri-La, featuring four stages, over 70 music acts, over 150 artists and over 200 artworks.

The festival featured an interstellar line up of superstar DJs including Fatboy Slim, Peggy Gou and Sasha, alongside underground acts and visual artists, raising money for The Big Issue and Amnesty International.

Created during the Covid-19 lockdown we were tasked in creating this new immersive world, working remotely over an intense six week period across the UK and US.

Lost Horizon 30
Lost Horizon 29

The Lost Horizon world was something completely new but relied on some traditional festival marketing alongside new virtual elements.

Working alongside Sundae Communications we delivered bespoke campaigns for various elements inside the world, from DJ profiling to artist exhibitions.

There were many ways of accessing the festival online, from a bespoke app to full Virtual Reality using Oculus or HTC headsets. Part of the immersive experience was creating an avatar for the world and customisation, we created bespoke clothing and branded charity items that could be worn inside the world but also purchased via print on demand in the real world at the same time.

Lost Horizon mirrors Shangri-La’s huge outdoor art gallery, and in addition to the incredible music line up, the world featured over 250 visual art pieces.

The artworks were displayed throughout the festival’s four VR stages, Freedom, Gas Tower, Nomad and SHITV (Shangri-La International Television), its Landing Zone, and also a bespoke ShangriLART Gallery.

Yours Truthfully took place in this new gallery, co-curated by world famous graphic designer and co-artistic director of Design Manchester Malcolm Garrett, and Lost Horizon and Shangri-La creative director Kaye Dunnings

Featured on the towering billboards surrounding the Freedom stage, the brief welcomed  personal messages from artists to the world on the themes of Truth, Justice and Freedom, calling attention to the most pressing social issues in the world today.

The show featured work from more than 70 internationally acclaimed artists and studios including Anthony Burrill, Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge, Studio Rejane Dal Bello, Morag Myerscough, Patrick Thomas, Paula Scher, Raissa Pardini, Stanley Donwood, and taken together this collation of statements conveys a powerful message of unity, and of the freedom to be creative and have your voice heard. 

Alongside this curation as a studio we all created bespoke artwork to live inside this world.

See the Lost Horizon website for artist credits and to see the full exhibition
Yours Truthfully artwork submissions from Instruct Studio designers.